About Us

CRS_Certified-Reference-Standards-Custom-Synthesis CRS Laboratories was created to bring to the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries innovative solutions to their continuous evolving field. At CRS we use state of the art equipment combined with top professionals in the industry to provide to our customers a high quality product as well as great customer experience. We work with and for our customers to offer and develop a full range of products to satisfy their analytical needs. We source chemicals from all over the world and add new chemicals compounds on a daily basis.

With a wide range of products available in stock and short turnaround time for customs synthesis CRS Laboratories can help your company reach your goals even faster. We proud ourselves on the availability of our compounds and faster results. All our products come with a Certificate of Analysis, presenting the analytical method and results.

At CRS we are committed to working smart and efficiently so that we provide the best quality at a reasonable attainable cost to our customers. Please contact one of our technical representatives today to learn all that CRS Laboratories has to offer.